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Helping one means helping an entire community.

Every donation happens
for a reason.

When we started working with the American Indian College Fund in 2014, only 13% of American Indians held a college degree. Compared to 33% of American adults with a college education overall, it’s a disparity that furthers the many challenges American Indians face. As the lead strategy partner, we guided the organization to shift its tone in talking to current and potential donors, and have consistently identified and engaged donors who are open to the cause but not yet contributing. This pivot in messaging and targeting matters. And in 2018, we decided to make it even more personal. We invited donors to think about their reasons for giving and students to talk about why they’re learning. We highlighted how every gift can spark a chain reaction that helps ambitious Native students, their families and the community. This became the campaign itself: “Because …”


Because education unlocks opportunity.

How Culture Reacted

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the newly increased proportion
of American Indians holding college degrees

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record-breaking total donations of $8M for FY 2018-19

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lift in Instagram and Facebook donations made YoY