Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park

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Peak Season

Boosting ticket sales and e-commerce revenue for six years running.

From the first signs of spring to the last howls of Halloween, we optimize media for audience engagement and conversions.

Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park came to VJ with the objective to increase single-ticket and season pass sales in its busy summer season and for its signature fall events. After profiling potential visitors and analyzing past-season data, we produced the first iteration of what is now an annual, multichannel media plan. TV and radio come first to maximize awareness at the beginning of the season. Digital and social media drive site visitation and e-commerce conversions. With search, we pinpoint particular reasons to visit Elitch Gardens, like Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape or Canonball Falls. We then roll these new users into targeted search campaigns.


We leverage data to optimize media mix, create lookalike audiences and maximize conversions.

How Culture Reacted

1 %

Increase in season ticket sales
in the first year

1 %

Average YoY increase in
e-commerce revenue achieved every year since 2013