Honma Golf

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Well Played

Making a place for a bona fide category leader-to-be.

Nimble means going from kickoff to in-market in just three weeks.

Honma Golf creates beautiful, high-performance clubs that advance every golf game. We’re growing awareness for this Japanese-born, high-end golf club brand in the U.S. In our initial work, we planned and every day optimized a coordinated digital, search, social and retargeting campaign pegged on 2019 PGA Tour events. Across all these tactics, we generated additional user touchpoints, gained better insight into our target customers, and drove web traffic and conversions. And it all tied neatly back to Honma’s owned social channels, where through organic and promoted posts, we boosted credibility for the brand and channeled target customers back into the marketing ecosystem.

Teamwork delivered the winning shot.

How Culture Reacted

1 M

impressions generated in three months

1 K

new visitors to the Honma website

1 K

new email recipients (via entries into product sweepstakes)