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Making smooth swimming of future-proofing an outdoor lifestyle brand.

It’s hard work growing up and being the new kid.

In 1998, Otter Products made the very first water-, shock- and drop-resistant cases for smartphones and tablets. And over the next two decades, the OtterBox brand flourished alongside the growing mobile device market. Along the way (smart)phones and tablets became commonplace, and device protection changed too. Otter Products set out to solidify device-protection market share and pivot into a new product category—premium coolers. But unlike device protection, in the cooler space OtterBox Outdoor would be going up against a handful of behemoth brands.

We forecasted demand for new cases and drove incremental sales during key new device launches and holiday seasons. And our awareness-first strategy for OtterBox coolers delivered brand familiarity and sales. With cases and coolers alike, we found the greatest, most actionable insights through greater understanding of the customer journey.

Competing with established brands takes discipline and data.

How Culture Reacted

1 %

YoY growth in case sales, a trend reversal

1 x

YoY growth in OtterBox Outdoor cooler sales

1 %

YoY growth in OtterBox Outdoor brand awareness