A Dog’s-Eye View on Rescue

Agency News|Creative Thinking

We’re an agency that loves pets. Dogs in particular. But also cats, chickens, fish, frogs, lizards and (at least) two yellow neocaridina shrimp. We’ll wait here while you go Google ... But back to dogs. We are softies for rescue and shelter dogs. So, looking out on 2021 and how we could do more good in the world, we set our sights on National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day and creating more awareness for an organization helping some very special dogs find new homes.That organization is National Mill Dog Rescue. Headquartered in Peyton, Colorado, National Mill Dog Rescue receives dogs from puppy mills, then rehabilitates and re-homes them.Here’s the new video we shot, edited and produced (yes, all in-house, because that’s how we roll now), intentionally staying clear of traditional pet shelter tropes, i.e., “In the Arms of an Angel.” These dogs have had so much taken from them—dozens and dozens of litters, proper health care, good homes. And despite all of that, they still have plenty of love to give.https://vimeo.com/543385005Many thanks to National Mill Dog Rescue for welcoming our team to the kennels and helping us get to know the dogs who are getting ready for adoption. We enjoyed partnering with you.CreditsProject: National Mill Dog Rescue VideoExecutive Creative Director: Jim MorrisseyArt Director/Designer: Olivia ConroySenior Copywriter: Matt WinkPhotography and Production: Robert OrtegaAgency Producer: Dylan StephensVladimir Jones is Colorado’s original independent, integrated advertising agency, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs. We believe in brilliant brands and love making the world love them as much as we do.