Fun With A New Account

Agency News

So here’s a thing that happens in marketing communications. The official announcement about a new account or new work can be so serious. And in many ways, it has to be. We want to communicate to our industry, to the client brand’s category, and to the business community at large what we’re doing and why. And formal language fits that well. 

But over here on our blog, I have license to loosen up a bit. Ok, a lot. 

We are literally kids in a candy store working with the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, a new account as of December 2022. A good number of our team has significant memories of visiting the Museum as kids. Others of us who are more advanced in our wisdom have significant memories of visiting ourselves AND taking our kids there, too. 

And to have an inside look at what’s coming, get an idea of how anthropologists and curators think, and also create a little glimpse of the experience to entice people to visit … ? 

Wow. We are really grateful for and excited about being AOR for the Museum. But aside from me saying “this work is fun” ad nauseam, I’ll give some examples of the joy we’re experiencing with DMNS and “Bugs,” a temporary exhibition running through August 27, 2023.

  • Concepting and creating the bugs (ants, bees, dragonflies, oh my!) for billboards.
  • Writing punchy copy from a bug’s POV. 
  • Exploring the kaleidoscope of colors that insects enjoy and use to their advantage. Just Google orchid mantis. Go on… 

Audiology Audio Spot

And I’m not even mentioning (at least not in this blog post) all the fun that our media and digital teams are having putting the work into motion and optimizing the campaign to meet and exceed business objectives. Trust me, I’m not using “fun” facetiously here. The media and digital teams’ work is just more nuanced. I’m exploring it in more detail in my #neverbeendone blog series. Stay tuned!