Brands Defined By Women In Business


Their companies span many industries. Some of these brands have young professionals at the helm while others have women with lengthy personal, professional and life experience in the lead. Very few are VJ clients; most are not. In short, there’s much here to differentiate the PowHERful Brands we’ve covered so far.

What, then, makes a PowHERful Brand? What do these companies and organizations do well that can be emulated by a new class of entrepreneurs as well as leaders of more established companies?

These brands:

  1. Solve problems.
  2. (Re)make categories.
  3. Leverage traditions.
  4. Prioritize passions and talents. 

And now, for the examples.

Solve problems

American Indian College Fund provides direct financial support to American Indians, Alaska Natives and a network of tribal colleges and universities that lifts up and sustains positive forward momentum for Native individuals and communities.

Tempest is changing the way we view alcohol, alcohol use and sobriety through clinically-proven online courses, support groups and other resources. 

Wolf+Friends offers community to parents of children with special needs.

The Matrescence supports women on their journey of becoming a mother, which the founders view as an iterative, long-term process. 

Humble Design brings relief, dignity and hope to individuals and families who are transitioning out of homelessness in Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, San Diego and Cleveland.

Latina SafeHouse provides assistance to Latina survivors of domestic violence.

(Re)make categories

DirtyGirl Disposal empowers women to work as truck drivers in the solid waste industry.

Lantern helps people think proactively about and plan for death, and navigate end-of-life matters for others. 

Jonas Paul Eyewear, named after the founders’ oldest child in homage to his vision condition, makes cool glasses for kids.

Black Girl Sunscreen protects skin from burns and long-term damage while moisturizing with natural ingredients, all while eliminating the white cast of alternative products. 

Pack Up + Go is a travel agency that curates getaways to surprise destinations. 

Leverage traditions

Soul Popped, founded by a black single mother, makes popcorn with soul food-inspired flavors, such as macaroni and cheese and banana pudding.

Source Booksellers is a black family-owned, independent, nonfiction-only bookstore in Detroit.

Bootheel 7 Ranch sells grass-fed, antibiotic- and hormone-free beef from cattle raised on a fourth-generation family-owned and -operated ranch in Wyoming. 

Prioritize passions and talents

Girls Gone Rx hosts athletic competitions for women. Entry fees and team fundraising support education and research for breast and ovarian cancer.  

Element 79 offers collectible, contemporary jewelry made by independent, predominantly female designers.

Sasquatch Cookies makes cookies from scratch and offers customers the option to have them delivered by a fully costumed team member. 

Smart Playrooms creates educational and child-centered playroom designs.

Ladyfingers Letterpress modernizes greeting cards, stationery and gifts by validating relationships and experiences that fall outside the mainstream.

If you haven’t already, I hope you’ll go learn more about these inspiring brands and the women in business who lead them. We wish them all the best as they continue changing the world for the better.

And, cheers to National Women’s Small Business Month!