#tapculture with Monica’s Elf on the Shelf


Which holiday character do you like best? And why?

We interviewed our account supervisor Monica Hemmert’s elf on the shelf to get his perspective on Santa, cookies and sprinkles, and pants. Ya know, the important stuff.

What are some of the naughtiest things you’ve seen kids do this holiday season while their parents weren’t looking?

Well, let’s just say the dog has been getting more than her daily serving of vegetables.

Is Santa Claus real? If yes or no, prove your point. Also, does Santa Claus ever eat anything besides milk and cookies?

Santa is definitely real. How else would he deliver presents around the world in one night? My teeny body couldn’t lift the brand-new bikes he brings. And Santa Claus has actually been on a diet for quite some time now. He’s started eating the reindeer food instead.

Who reads all the mail at the North Pole? Would it be more accurate to address “letters to Santa” to the head elf or to Mrs. Claus?

Santa is a big reader and enjoys reading a Christmas wish list every morning with his breakfast. He says it inspires him and is a great way to start the day.

Do real reindeer eat oatmeal, sugar and colored sprinkles? Is it safe to assume that flying reindeer like the same snacks?

You see, the reindeer food is actually more like a spotlight. The glitter and colored sprinkles reflect the light from the moon so they know where to land.

What is the ultimate cold-weather, festive beverage that people of all faith traditions can enjoy? Or for extra credit, provide one each for morning, afternoon and evening.

The ultimate cold-weather drink is a cup of hot chocolate. Whether you enjoy it or not, it is the perfect hand-warmer on a cold day.

Pajamas all day every day? Or should people still get dressed (in real pants) while they’re on vacation between mid-December and early January?

Are pajamas not considered real pants?

Happy holidays!