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Get comfortable with comfort.
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Patient Acquisition, Brand Awareness, Brand Reputation and Competitive Differentiation
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2022 Campaign

In-laws. Sloppy dog kisses. The “five-second rule.” We’ve gotten comfortable with a lot. Isn’t it time we got comfortable with dental care? By highlighting all the seemingly uncomfortable things that have become second nature, we helped Comfort Dental break the scary stigma surrounding going to the dentist, all while standing out from the sea of fake smiles and white lab coats. Affordable prices, convenient locations and you get to sit in a reclining chair? Sounds pretty comfortable to me.

Impressions June 2022–September 2023
Increase in online appointments (data collected June 11–September 30, 2023)
Current total sales in 2023 (data collected October 5, 2023)
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2023 Campaign

Even after establishing Comfort Dental as a dentist people can actually be comfortable with, we noticed that there were still some outliers. While we were able to break through the fear that surrounds dentistry, there were still too many people suffering from what we coined “Dental Denial.” Our goal? Tell people: “Don’t be scared. And don’t be silly.” Comfort Dental has got your back.

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