Denver Museum of Nature and Science

2023 Exhibitions
Business Objectives
Revitalize Museum appeal for diverse audiences, boosting engagement and attendance.
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation

About the client

Whether it’s the biggest bug, the biggest elk, or the biggest screen you’ve ever seen, we were ready to give it the biggest spotlight we could. That’s what’s so cool about the Museum’s rotating exhibitions—each one is as unique as the experience they provide. And as unique as the creative we provide. We got up close and personal with insects, we traveled back in time (and down in temperature), and we didn’t just watch shows—we became part of them. And we had a great time doing all of it.

Our Deliverables

• Strategic lead campaign planning 

• Integrated media planning that reached our audience in unique and surprising placements

• Creative execution that spoke to the heart (and the head) of each exhibition

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