Brands We Love: Sasquatch Cookies

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Imagine if Sasquatch were there for life’s big moments. You know when you …

  • Get an A on a big test in a subject where you struggle.
  • Feel sad about the loss of a beloved pet.
  • Propose to your girlfriend.
  • Reunite with your spouse after a long time apart.
  • Start a new job.

Sasquatch would come alongside you at these milestones and say, “Yes. This is a big deal. I’m here for you.”Brooke Orist added fresh-baked cookies to this vision and converted it to reality with her company, Sasquatch Cookies. When customers choose to add Sasquatch to their delivery orders, a fully costumed team member hand-delivers the cookies.These deliveries and the life moments they’re a part of can be funny, surprising, endearing or romantic. They’re always memorable.

And the cookies are memorable, too. The Sasquatch Cookies team makes its regular flavors (chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, monster, peanut butter, double chocolate, birthday confetti, white chocolate macadamia nut, oatmeal raisin and gluten-free-friendly chocolate chip—has that craving bus arrived already?) six days a week.Brooke says the company has more than 125 recipes now, and there’s something new or different to try every week. Special flavors that occasionally rotate onto the menu include cookies and cream, coconut cream, raspberry white chocolate, and French silk pie.

All from scratch, and the dough’s never refrigerated or frozen.Think about that for a moment. While premade and refrigerated or frozen dough would allow for more product control, and potentially save time and reduce errors, it would also mean forfeiting the just-mixed-and-baked fresh taste and unique experience that doing everything on site provides for customers and staff alike.And to think it all started less than five years ago when Brooke and a few friends were renting a kitchen at night and making deliveries from 5 to 11 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Once Sasquatch Cookies opened its first storefront, business took off, and so did its community impact.

Every day, the company donates cookies to a local soup kitchen to serve the next day with meals for hungry people in the community. Sasquatch Cookies also donates 10 percent of its profits to support a local rescue mission and provides fresh-baked cookies for some of the organization’s special events. As Brooke says, the partnerships allow the company to meet very tangible needs of thousands of people every year.Steady demand for fresh-baked cookies makes it all possible.

Sasquatch Cookies’ business grew in 2020 because of its strong delivery service. In 2021, orders and in-store purchases stabilized. And now in 2022, Brooke’s in growth mode again, opening two new locations and dealing with hiring challenges, material cost fluctuation and supply chain issues. (For example, whereas she was previously buying 30 pounds of butter at $89, the cost is now $145.) All in all, Brooke is upbeat and confident about the future of the company.

We love the cookies. We love what the company is doing in the community, both in product and service ingenuity and in serving people in need. And we love this brand.