Jim’s eTourism Visual Journey

Thought Leadership

Since I was a kid, the best way for me to intake information was to draw what I was hearing. It worked well for most of my schooling—with the exception of Mrs. Cutliff’s ninth grade algebra class, where most of my notes were inside my algebra book (thank God for Wite-Out).

This year’s eTourism Summit was packed with so many insights that simply taking photos of PowerPoint slides just wouldn’t do it justice. So, here are some of my favorite sessions packed with notes that maybe only I understand.

Partnering for Success: Atlanta’s Recipe for Collaboration and DMO Excellence.

Great blueprint for how a DMO should work with their agencies. Start a LoveFest. Bringing everyone in from day one helps build collaboration, not competition.

Great partnership between Travel Nevada and Atlas Obscura. They worked together to develop nine branded road trips throughout the state (all far, far away from the strip). One that even included “America’s Scariest Motel,” The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada. Sweet dreams.

Charity Toombs, Executive Director, Tennessee Whiskey Trail: Emily Parli of Orange 142 took everyone on a little journey throughout the great state of Tennessee, and its Whiskey Trail. Impressive numbers. Lots of barrels. Even a “paw-port” for dogs who set out on the trail.