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What’s in a brand name?For one jeweler in Denver, a brand name is a precious metal. Element 79, otherwise known as gold and abbreviated Au on the periodic table, is also a retail shop in Denver’s Cherry Creek North.Nestled within Cherry Creek North’s 16 walkable blocks of fashion, home furnishing, salons, spas and restaurants, you’ll also find Element 79 Contemporary Jewelry. A jewelry store, a neighborhood gathering place, and … piercing parlor?! No joke. The last time Element 79 hosted a piercing party, they ran out of needles!The owner, Carol Ferguson, is a 25-year bench jeweler and custom jewelry designer. She created the space five years ago with the goal of creating a unique atmosphere in which to shop for collectible, contemporary jewelry. The shop features more than 50 independent designers, of whom about 60% are women.

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Carol and her small team of jewelry fanatics showcase the unique aesthetic each designer brings to the art of personal adornment. Handmade jewelry is special because it allows the wearer to feel the connection to the maker. It’s jewelry with soul. Collections are curated for individuals to enjoy a more intimate relationship with the pieces they wear every day.Another meaningful task is guiding customers through the process of picking out the perfect wedding ring. For both men and women, these pieces become part of the person because they are worn daily. When paired correctly, wedding sets also become family heirlooms. Element 79 employs a full-time specialist certified in diamonds to make this process enjoyable and fun.

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We commend Carol and the team at Element 79 for their commitment to constantly connecting with designers and artisans and renewing the store to offer emotionally resonant, energetic, wearable pieces. Unlike many jewelry stores that sell statement pieces, Element 79 helps customers invest in more personal and significant jewelry that can be worn every day. We wish them well in their 2021 plans to grow the bridal business in their store, advance online sales, and foster meaningful connections between designers and customers.Next time you’re in Cherry Creek North, be sure to stop in!Vladimir Jones is Colorado’s original independent, integrated advertising agency, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs. We believe in brilliant brands and love making the world love them as much as we do.