Talking Trends

Thought Leadership

Constant change during unprecedented, challenging times means keeping up with trends can be tough and exhausting—we hear you. But don’t worry, we’re here to sift through the madness, and cherry-pick what’s driving cultural change enough that it might just go from trend to status quo. Or has it already? It’s the juicy, pay-attention stuff we’ll keep you apprised of (sorry, sourdough starters, you don’t quite make the cut this time).With that, welcome to the first installment of Talking Trends, a two-minute, wrap-up video of just a few of the things that recently caught our attention in the advertising industry—and other industries for that matter. From foes turned friends for the greater good, to the rise of freelance go-getters, and hybridizing digital spaces (oh, and physical ones too!), there’s a lot to cover. But we’ll make it snappy. Check it out. for the busy but curious among us, we hope the series sparks brainstorm Zoom sessions, new ideas, or provides some (re)assurance that you’re on the right track. Consider this your formal invitation (beg) to drop us a line and let us know what you think, whether you work in advertising, marketing or not (yes, that includes you, burgeoning backyard rocket scientists). Maybe in our next installment of Talking Trends, we’ll tackle your burning question or thought. Vladimir Jones is Colorado’s original independent, integrated advertising agency, with offices in Denver and Colorado Springs. We believe in brilliant brands and love making the world love them as much as we do.