Account Supervisor

Account Services · Glendale/Colorado (Hybrid)


  • Financial health of the account including profitability and growth
  • Strategic oversight that ensures the work is achieving client business goals
  • Building strong client relationships with various individuals on the client side
  • Identifies and pursues areas of opportunity
  • Expert in client’s business and industry
  • Works closely with Director and President on contract/scope development
  • Identifies and ladders up potential client issues
  • Owns account scorecard
  • Business Case development
  • Strong partnership with Insight to help support Creative Brief development
  • Partners closely with and leads core team members (SME’s)
  • Develops strategic “upfront” and responsible for the narrative of key deliverables e.g. media plans, reports and creative concept decks


  • 7+ years of Account Services experience
  • Demonstrates and aligns with agency cultures and values
  • Proficient in agency processes
  • Strong mentorship expertise

Core Competencies:

Strategic Leadership

  • Demonstrates knowledge of clients’ business, target market, industry and competition
  • Develops long-term timelines to keep planning cycles on track and the agency at the forefront of budget and strategy conversations with clients
  • Develops a business case at the onset of a planning process that clearly articulates “How we win”
  • Works closely and collaboratively with Insight during creative brief development
  • Works closely and collaboratively w/ SMEs during campaign planning, consistently driving the team towards strategies that align with client objectives
  • Demonstrates the ability to lead discussion around strategy, both internally and externally
  • Is involved in the development and presentation of agency POVs

Client Relationship

  • Develops strong rapport and high-level of trust with clients
  • Demonstrates a genuine interest in the client’s business and brand
  • Demonstrates a comfort level “pushing back” or having difficult conversations where appropriate
  • Is the voice of the client in internal discussions and the voice of the agency in external discussions
  • Always prioritizes the best interests of the agency in all client interactions
  • Demonstrates leadership in all client presentations through meeting set-up, presentation of key strategies and selling support throughout

Financial Management

  • Works closely with Director of Account Services and Agency President to develop annual budget recommendations and contracts or scopes of work
  • Closely monitors income projections, providing feedback to agency leadership on a regular basis
  • Works with core team to identify opportunities and to develop recommendations that align with agency growth goals
  • Closely tracks account budgets on a regularly basis and proactively manages necessary budget adjustments
  • Able to work independently to develop accurate and profitable project estimates
  • Able to collaborate cross-functionally to determine optimal budget splits across departments
  • Demonstrates ability to have client conversations around budgets and budget tracking

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Demonstrates a strong working knowledge of the advertising industry including trends and best practices
  • Demonstrates a strong working knowledge of clients’ industries including notable news and current events
  • Is articulate in front of clients regarding the creative, media and digital strategies being recommended and implemented by the agency


  • Demonstrates preparedness by actively practicing and reviewing presentations prior to meeting
  • Participates in dry runs of presentations
  • Demonstrates presentation skills to internal team by presenting strategic plans and reporting at internal review meetings
  • Demonstrates presentation skills to client team by presenting strategic plans and reporting
  • Demonstrates confidence during QA session with internal teams and with clients
  • RECOMMEND - Participate in presentation skills workshop/course


  • Develops and administers performance appraisal of direct report(s)
  • Day-to-day mentorship of direct report(s) to help he/she achieve their career and personal goals
  • Day-to-day leadership of direct report(s) to ensure account work is focused and prioritized appropriately
  • Assists in the onboarding of new hires and cross-functional team members as the need arises
  • Participates in, and leads portions of, the weekly Account Services team meetings


  • Involved in the development and presentation of campaign reports
  • Focuses on storytelling as it relates to client business goals
  • Keeps SMEs focused on the most important things, avoiding superfluous data for data’s sake

Agency Dynamics

  • Runs efficient, appropriately casted meetings
  • Demonstrates a strong working knowledge of agency processes
  • Can act as voice for Account Services team when questions arise from other departments around processes and procedures
  • Demonstrates the ability to “filter up” appropriately and establishes strong working rapport with Director of Account Services and Agency President

The salary for this role takes into account a wide range of factors, including but not limited to; skill sets, industry tenure, experience and training, licensure and certifications, and other business and organizational needs.

The disclosed is a range estimate of $74,000 - $90,000, with the purpose of giving transparency to prove equitability, internally and externally, and has been adjusted based on geographic location. At Vladimir Jones, it is not typical for an individual to be hired at or near the top of the range for their role and compensation decisions are dependent on the facts and circumstances of each hire.

Agency Values:

The following characteristics are expected of each employee of the agency regardless of role or responsibility:

  • Fearless: Of course we can do it. Absolutely. No doubt. Doesn’t matter if it’s the first time or the thousandth. We face and embrace and race through a changing world, brave because we have each other.
  • Tenacious: Proactive by nature, optimistic by choice. Forward as a way of life. Solve as a mode of thinking. If you believe in something, sink your teeth into it and go, go,
  • Passionate: Everything matters. Every client interaction. Every comma and every decimal. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to the best of your
  • Me & We: What can you do to make your team successful? Find your moment, your specialty, your piece of the puzzle. And then own it for the greater

Vladimir Jones is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, protected veteran status, or disability status.

Vladimir Jones is committed to building a diverse staff and encourages applications from minorities.

Vladimir Jones has a comprehensive benefits package which included medical, dental, vision, 3% matching 401k, STD&LDT, generous PTO, Company Paid Parental Leave, and many other perks!

The range for this role is based on experience, and if the candidate is looking for temporary or permanent position. We are open to both.

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