BOK Financial

We go above. So you can go beyond.
Business Objectives
Break through the sea of sameness in financial services to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
Financial Services

Dating back to 1910 and the Oklahoma oilmen who founded the institution, BOK Financial does business one client at a time, delivering thoughtful expertise and tailored advice one day at a time. Our creative for BOK Financial has to match this legacy, but it also has to speak to the future—to those prospective customers and clients about how they define and care for their own legacy.

Rank all the highly competitive categories, and you’ll find financial services at or near the top. This concentration often results in staid, predictable advertising acted out by people who look “the type.” But to us in the audience, they might as well be paper dolls. If we know nothing about their individual story, then we don’t engage, and we certainly don’t remember the brand that presented them.

You know the saying, “Show me where your money goes and I’ll show you what you care about”? We leaned hard into that way of thinking to continue to tell the stories that matter most to BOK Financial customers, and helped them to see that their vision is the BOK Financial team’s reality.

In this campaign, and in the people of BOK Financial, we see people who are steadfast in their sense of self, yet constantly evolving.

They’re active participants in their success. They work hard but don’t dwell on it (or need to brag about it). They believe success belongs to those people who strive to achieve. And we do too.

Through strategically differentiated media strategies, we are reaching all the right people in all the right places, increasing positive brand awareness and sentiment in all the markets in which BOK Financial operates.

And that’s a legacy to be proud of.

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